Master Portrait Artist, Fellow Member Royal South Australia Society of Art, B.A (Hons) & M.A

What some of Wendy Jane's Clients have to say

“You have developed a style of portraiture, which is accountable to the person or animal's authentic spirit. You follow a meaningful method with each portrait. It makes your art such a unique gift”. Kerry Telford 13th May 2016

I worked with Wendy-Jane from across the globe to pick out the best photographs to use and I picked my favorite of Trinket. My breath was taken away when I saw the finished portrait of Trinket.

Wendy Jane is one of the kindest, talented souls I have ever met.
I decided to have a portrait made of my three Italian greyhounds using two of my perfect candid photos that Wendy Jane worked with.

She showed me the process step by step. Her pictures of the process were meticulous. I could tell how organized and precise she was just looking at the pictures. I look at Wendy Jane as a surgeon, creating meticulous art, paying close attention to detail. I feel she captured my dog’s true expression and I could feel it through the drawings. The photos of the finished portraits through email did not do them justice.

When I received them I cried. Everyone who saw them were so impressed, they asked me who drew them.

The portraits of Trinket and my Italian Greyhounds bring a feeling of overwhelming joy and awe as I have seen great works from the Masters. Thank you Wendy Jane , I am forever grateful
Gina Aversano 15th March 2016

Giacomo, Bella and Pia

To celebrate Mum’s 90th birthday we commissioned Wendy Jane to create a portrait of Mum using an old black and white photo from 1942, when she was 17.
Mum wanted a portrait of herself in her youth rather than old age. We think this portrait reflects Mum’s easy going, laid back, happy personality. Thanks Wendy Jane
Kerryn Maynes 8th march 2016

Evelyn Mary Thornton Maynes

Thank you Wendy Jane for doing such a fabulous job of my precious Earl. I LOVE this painting. It captures him perfectly.
Jodie Fincham 24th April 2016

This is absolute magic Wendy Jane. It reminds me how lucky

I am to have two such beautiful greyhounds in my life.
Brian Murray 14th May 2016

Violet and Rose

It was wonderful to see Foxy looking so alive and happy.
I can’t wait to get her portrait framed. Thank you again for the care you put into creating such a wonderful memory of our Foxy.
14th December 2015


Thank you Wendy Jane the portrait of Burnt Fuse is perfect and looks so much like him.
We lost him far too early but now he will forever be watching over us.
We will cherish his portrait forever

Mel and Sean Lithgow 7th march 2016

Burnt Fuse

Just arrived from Australia our portrait of Georgie Moo, courtesy of a very talented artist Wendy Jane Sheppard
Sharon Richards 5th January 2016

Georgie Moo

Wendy Jane drew a portrait of my friend’s dog, Jess, who had recently passed away.
My Friends said the portrait drawn by Wendy Jane was totally like her and they loved it.
Thank you Wendy-Jane
Jo O’Shaughnessy 29th January 2016


Wendy Jane’s magnificent oil painting of my greyhound Kinga.
Kerryn Maynes 25th December 2015


This is Wendy Jane’s amazing painting of my Border Collie Fergus .
Kerryn Maynes 26th November 2016


This is Wendy Jane Sheppard’s wonderful portrait of my Dad; a watercolour drawing from a photograph of my Dad taken in World War two when Dad was a Lieutenant in the Australian Navy.
I chose this photo as I think it reflects what he and all of that generation went through to keep our country safe.
He is not smiling. He has been through experiences that none of us hopefully will go through and it shows on his face.
Thank you Wendy Jane for this magnificent portrait.
Kerryn Maynes 25th march 2016

Gerald Matthew Maynes

Thank you Wendy Jane for this wonderful portrait drawing from a very precious photograph.
The portrait reminds me of my happy childhood growing up on the family farm and my ambition as a child to be a farmer.
Trevor Pfeiffer 30th December 2016

Trevor and His Pet Sheep

Ross could not be happier with his lovely Christmas gift!
I watched his face as he pulled the wrapping paper off and he was speechless and got quite emotional - he absolutely loves Cosmo’s portrait and is so impressed at your talent.
We look forward to showing Cosmo’s beautiful portrait to all our visitors.
Sharon Gibb 26/12/2016

Ross and Cosmo

This portrait is amazing, the feeling one achieves on viewing it, is from any angle, Jacob actually follows you around the room with his eyes, it is almost if his head is moving, incredible really, he looks absolutely life like.
Apart from myself, many persons that have viewed Jacob’s Portrait are quite amazed with the likeness; also the rug he is resting on is identical with the folds and tones.
Wendy Jane Sheppard in my estimation has really captured my Jacob perfectly. The tones are true and blending perfectly with Jacob’s coat, and whole body, his way of sitting, resting in his usual position.
Even I am astounded at the likeness, so happy with my Jacob’s portrait I can cheerfully recommend that Wendy Jane Sheppard is more than capable of being the Portrait Artist for you, be it an Animal or Human Portrait.
I can thoroughly recommend Wendy Jane to take on this wonderful assignment for any client.
Colleen Lewis 9th December 2016

Colleen and Jacob