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Photography Guide

In order for Wendy Jane to create a Masterful and exceptional portrait of the highest quality the very best photographic references are required.

Simple easy to understand guidelines

Simple easy to follow guidelines are provided to assist you to photograph the animal or person who will be the subject of the portrait you wish to commission Wendy Jane to undertake.
You are welcome to email with your questions You are always welcome to email Wendy Jane using the contact form here anytime you feel you need assistance or wish to ask questions in relation to the photographic process or suitability of photographs you may already have taken

Portraits In Memory

In regard to commissioning a portrait of a dearly loved animal or person who has passed away please provide Wendy Jane with all photographs available and Wendy Jane will discuss with you the possibilities of creating a beautiful portrait in memory of that animal or person.

Guidelines for taking suitable photographs

  • Expect that it may take some time to compile a selection of suitable photographs.
  • You may find just having your camera ready and available throughout the day may enable you to take that special photograph as your subject may be unaware of you taking the photograph and just relaxes into a most suitable pose!
  • For the best results please use a digital camera
  • If a digital camera is not available use a mobile device to photograph in good natural light
  • Take multiple photographs and email to Wendy Jane who will discuss with you the selection of suitable photographs
  • When about to take the photograph check in the viewfinder that all of the animal or person is visible. An Example for things to look out for is a leg is hidden underneath a blanket or a dark caste shadow obscuring parts of the animal or person
  • Take all photographs outside preferably and in natural light, not in indoor lighting unless using bright natural day light globes, not yellow incandescent globes
  • Do not use a camera flash
  • Photograph at the same level as the animal or person (eye level). Do not photograph looking down on the subject. You may have to squat quite low for a dog for example

Guidelines for photograph selection

  • Very important please select photographs that you feel reflect and epitomises the unique character and personality of that animal or person
  • Choose photographs that show clear detail in natural light without any parts of the body or leg being obscured from view
  • Common problem areas are photographs that are out of focus, red eyes, poor lighting, lacking clear detail

Example of a suitable photograph

Example of an unsuitable photograph

  • Too dark
  • Unclear and lacking detail
  • Areas obscured and not clear
  • Lighting irregular

Examples of Suitable Photographs and finished portrait

Photographs for a portrait with multiple figures

All figures (animals and or people) may be photographed in the one photo.
However, photographing each separately is also possible and Wendy Jane can bring single photographs together into the one portrait.
Wendy Jane is happy to advise you regarding photographs for a single portrait with multiple figures.